Cloud Architecture

Many applications and websites are built on a single server structure. This was fine for development and early launch but you've grown or are looking to grow and now you're facing the architecture issues that come along with scaling, such as speed or size limitations. Or, perhaps, you've unfortunately experienced issues with downtime because of breaks in critical points in your infrastructure. Maybe you're looking to take your application to the next level in being able to offer clients more secure, segmented versions of your product.

While not an easy transition, we find that moving to "the cloud" can have huge gains in flexibility, availability, and cost savings. We're not going to lie to you and tell you that it's painless or that you won't have to rebuild some pieces of your application. It's not easy but it's worth it

Moving towards cloud architectures can be a move that will reward you for years to come.

Why Shout It Louder?

Your move to cloud architectures should be a profitable one. Because of the vast array of options and solutions, our provider of choice is Amazon Web Services (AWS) so if you're looking to get to AWS, we're your guys. We've been able to help clients successfully migrate to sustainable cloud models with cost savings that have matched the investment within months.

Success Stories

Navigate Prepared

Lauren Innovations knew they needed to move their school safety application, Navigate Prepared, to a cloud based architecture because their primary location / disaster recovery setup didn't have the level of automatic failover necessary for the needs of their product.

We were able to help move the application over to an auto-scaling Amazon Web Services architecture, while allowing the team to keep their existing Continuous Integration tools in the pipeline.

Cloud Infrastructure DevOps

Miller Weldmaster

Miller Weldmaster decided it was time to take their Wordpress website to a distributed ecosystem to both mitigate and prevent downtime and potential security breaches.

We designed and implemented a solution with S3, Heroku, and Amazon RDS that keeps their assets secure, separate, and their site moving quickly.

Cloud Infrastructure DevOps

What's the process?

1. Is it worth considering? Tell us the problems you're facing or the changes you're looking to make and we can help you make sure that the project can have a return worth the investment

2. Is it possible? Within a scoping engagement, we will seek to identify and understand all of the working pieces to make sure a practical solution can be created

3. What's it going to cost? In most cases, we can deliver several options for the end result, along with budgets and pros/cons for each

4. How does it get done? Based on our findings and solution, we can either oversee development or do the work ourselves.

5. Once it's done... Because the software and solutions we build are existing in an ever-changing world, we offer the maintenance and support that is necessary, relative to the complexity of the solution and how critical it becomes to your day to day operations.

What's the next step?

If you are wondering if you are a good fit for a move to cloud architecture, feel free to Contact Us to book a 30 minute call so we can hear what you're looking to do and let you know if we're a good fit.

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