Analytics and Reporting

For websites, marketing campaigns, and applications, measuring the right actions in the right ways can be hugely valuable to understanding how customers or potential customers are interacting with your creations. For mapping the customer journey with digital marketing campaigns, to know the touch points and how they got there is crucial. Making sure you're collecting the correct data for retargeting/remarketing and building your audience is crucial. In applications, knowing the statistics on user frequency, active daily/weekly/monthly users, and more granular interactions can make or break you.

The idea of analytics goes way beyond adding Google Analytics (GA) to your site. (Which, breaking the rules of giving away free advice here, should be an obvious first step so if you haven't done that, go do that now. Like, right now.) Even inside of Google Analytics, are you tracking conversion rates and values properly? Are you able to break down your visitors into the segments that are helpful for you to see how your marketing efforts are working?

Gathering and reporting the right analytics can give you a huge lever of decision making power.

Why Shout It Louder?

Our experience with many of the leading analytics platforms helps us bring expertise to your project. More importantly, (at least we think so) is that we understand the power that good data can put into your hands. It's not just about collecting the data, but rather, about making sure that the data is structured and reported in such a way that it becomes a map of human behavior instead of just numbers.

Success Stories

Q92 Radio

As part of a site rebuild we did with them, the marketing team at Q92 Radio WDJQ, had the need to keep specific track of several specific analytics points, along with general site statistics.

We helped them set up tracking and reporting mechanisms for streams, ads views, ad clicks, and other conversion rates in various parts of the site to allow them the insights into how their new site was performing, as well have the ability to have that data for their advertisers.

Cloud Infrastructure DevOps

What's the process?

1. Is it worth considering? Tell us the problems you're facing or the changes you're looking to make and we can help you make sure that the project can have a return worth the investment

2. Is it possible? Within a scoping engagement, we will seek to identify and understand all of the working pieces to make sure a practical solution can be created

3. What's it going to cost? In most cases, we can deliver several options for the end result, along with budgets and pros/cons for each

4. How does it get done? Based on our findings and solution, we can either oversee development or do the work ourselves.

5. Once it's done... Because the software and solutions we build are existing in an ever-changing world, we offer the maintenance and support that is necessary, relative to the complexity of the solution and how critical it becomes to your day to day operations.

What's the next step?

If you are wondering if you are missing opportunities because of holes in your analytics, feel free to Contact Us to book a 30 minute call so we can hear what you're looking to do and let you know if we're a good fit.

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